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you always make me wanna leave

August 16, 2009

nice pic

p o e m

August 15, 2009

I had an orange
that looked like a whole moon.
When I chopped it in half
it looked like two half moons.
My mom came into the kitchen
and ate the orange.
She said it tasted funny,
and I told her she just swallowed
a colorful star.

by Tyrell, 5th Grade

source: witsblog

how do i get out?

June 18, 2009

i wanna paint paint paint. and then a cosmo with


i’m going downstairs

June 17, 2009

to make some more coffee. i would really like Lau to be here!


June 14, 2009


im on the screen. im in the front.


June 13, 2009

he sun is shining, the sky is blue. now i can se a cloud.


June 13, 2009

got my hair cut. it’s almost the same. i want it longer. grow.

i’m drinking coffee

June 12, 2009

black? latte?


June 11, 2009

i have to wake up. the rain is calling.

can’t resist the water. the sky is light grey. it looks pretty.