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next 6 months

January 9, 2010

this is where im gonna live and what im gonna do for the next 6 months. whoop whoop!



December 10, 2009

har lyst til mere malmö.

måske skulle man gøre det til en mandagsrutine?


December 8, 2009

Igår var jeg på en minitrip til Malmö med min søde ven Jonas Sixten.



November 17, 2009

må lige sørge for at se ca. sådan her ud, næste gang jeg skal rejse! ejejej oh em ge

paris part 1.000.000

November 16, 2009


my indie friend laura posted this pic for me on her blog when i left cph last months. i actually thought i was gonna stay longer in paris, but sometimes things changes. so – im back in cold rainy denmark, so great to see all of my beloved friends but i really do miss someone spanish.

oui oui merci

October 6, 2009

103-Paris-Eiffel-Tower umbrella

going to the NYC

October 5, 2009


i really need this pair of black converse. they’ll fit perfect in my wardrobe as a basic item.

je fucking t’aime

September 27, 2009





i think i lost my heart in paris. i’m going back to search for it in 29 days.


September 25, 2009

returned 1½ days ago. i’ll post some bitchy pics soon.

you always make me wanna leave

August 16, 2009

nice pic