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ønske #02

December 3, 2009


oui oui merci

October 6, 2009

103-Paris-Eiffel-Tower umbrella

going to the NYC

October 5, 2009


i really need this pair of black converse. they’ll fit perfect in my wardrobe as a basic item.

chain dress

August 16, 2009

h&m dress week 35

isn’t it just perfect? it will be at the stores week 35 (denmark). i guess it could be a quite easy diy project aswell!

source: anywho

come to me fake fur

August 13, 2009

fake fur zara

from Zara


July 16, 2009


this is gonna the first item i’m gonna buy when i return to copenhagen. perfect for the fall!

Boots: notabene