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look what h&m saved for me

October 8, 2009

tøj sep09 041

tøj sep09 042



new in, again oh em ge

October 8, 2009

tøj sep09 031

vintage denim jacket

tøj sep09 032

black vintage blazer

tøj sep09 033

black shirt with cute shoulders from Gina Tricot

tøj sep09 034

black plastic fantastic trousers from VeroModa

jewelry tree

October 7, 2009

tøj sep09 015

tøj sep09 016

tøj sep09 017

tøj sep09 018

tøj sep09 019

oui oui merci

October 6, 2009

103-Paris-Eiffel-Tower umbrella


October 6, 2009

my bitchy friend Paloma didn’t like the new black/white layout so i’m back to the old one. maybe a new header could do it? je ne sais pas


October 6, 2009

tøj sep09 030

chanelish vintage jacket. 5 dkkr


October 6, 2009

tøj sep09 025

tøj sep09 026

just waiting for my fucking hair to grow.

tuesday insp.

October 6, 2009

tuesday insp.

new in

October 5, 2009

tøj sep09 002

tøj sep09 003

tøj sep09 004

tøj sep09 005

vintage, all 4 items

tøj sep09 010

wierd black line Birger et Christensen cardigan, got it as a gift from my friend Signe

tøj sep09 012

h&m, paris

tøj sep09 013

new look, paris

tøj sep09 014

ganni sweater/dress


going to the NYC

October 5, 2009


i really need this pair of black converse. they’ll fit perfect in my wardrobe as a basic item.